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Tokyo Disney Land, which is holding a program of “Tokyo Disney Resort 30th : The Happiness Year” from April 15, 2013 to March 20, 2014, is also holding another program of “Disney Princes – Welcome Little Princes -” from January 14, 2014 to March 20, 2014. In this program, girls below elementary school age can enjoy various experience with Disney Princess as a Little Princes. During the term, The Tokyo Disney Land Hotel just outside Tokyo Disney Land offers special rooms themed Tangled.

1. Princess Lesson Book

They distribute Princess Lesson Book that girls below elementary school age can learn princesses’ attraction like their story, kindness and friendship. Girls can enjoy Tokyo Disney Land Park with the feeling of being princess.

2. Little Princes Procession

Girls who want to show themselves in the dress of princess can take part in the small show “Little Princess procession”. In this show, girls will be able to be one of the member in the parade after they take a lesson about the princess’s gesture and important things. Then, they can show what they will have learned at Castle Forecourt with Disney Princesses to their family and other guests.

3. Cinderella’s Princess Welcome

Tokyo Disney land sells a program at the price of 3,800 yen that little princesses can enjoy themselves in the Cinderella’s Fairy Hall of Tokyo Disney Land Resort Hotel. In this special program, they can enjoy Cinderella’s world and attraction by greeting Cinderella and dance with her.

4. A Program of Tokyo Disney Land Hotel

The hotel offers special rooms themed Disney Movie Tangled. Girls can taste of the atmosphere of the movie and feel like they were in that movie.


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