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Just 1 minute’ walk from Shinjuku Sanchome station, a little away from the crowded downtown of Shinjuku, there is a dining bar called ‘Othello’.

It is at the third floor of the building and the green signboard will be the sign for this bar. You can also walk from Shinjuku station which takes about 8 minutes to reach there.

The wooden tables create the comfortable, relaxing atmosphere, just perfect to drop by after work and rest to have nice food and drinks.

It is not just cozy, but the food is also delicious. The chef who gained experience at Hotel Okura will serve you fine homemade dishes so you can also visit this bar not just for having one or two glasses of alcohol, but for having dinner for the main purpose.

One of the specialty of this bar is ‘Special Seafood  Paella’. Beef stew and many other main dishes and side dishes are also delicious.

The servers are so polite and friendly that they will explain the details for each dishes and also let you know the recommendation at that time.

One thing that is rare about this bar is that there is no table charge which is quite uncommon among other bars. Therefore, you can simply visit here only for a glass for alcohol and a little side dish.

At this bar, there is a bartender who trained at Ginza and will offer you the finest cocktails. There are over 250 kinds of alcohol, such as beer, shochu, brandy, whisky and wine. They also care for the quality of the ice which is used in the drinks. So, if you were thinking of having just one glass of drink, you may stay longer to have more drinks because of its fine quality.

Have a wonderful time with fine dishes and drinks at a nice cozy bar ‘Othello’!!

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