De Links Bar


If you are trying to find a place to kill time, then this is an interesting place to drop by. It’s a place where you can dance while having drinks “bar style”. There are several places in Shibuya and Roppongi with music ranging from Mexican, indie to modern EDM music. The amazing thing is that drinks are available at a reasonable price range (approx 500 yen), whilst listening to music you may have never heard of in a weird sort of atmosphere.

There is a way to find out whether the place if a “club bar”. Most club bars are in located in the basement and will have music leaking out towards the streets, so it will be easy to notice. Its more of a place to chill, rather than putting all your energy out to go all wild!

De Links Bar


There is a club bar in roppongi called “De Links Bar”, approx 5~10 minutes walk from roppongi station. As I have explained before, you will notice by the music being pumped out towards the streets! This place is a Mexican style club bar with latin-based alternative music being played by the DJ. The drinking/dancing is pretty small so it may be crowded at times, but the atmosphere is great.

You will also have a chance to talk to Mexican people on the floor (presumable people who own the store) providing you with a variety of topics to talk about. The weird thing is that there is a Japanese tv show being shown on tv, whilst ethic music is being played in the club bar. A hilarious experience, yet something you will probably never see in another country. So, if you are trying to find a place to chill out for a couple of minutes with great atmosphere, visiting a club bar might be the best option.

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