photo credit: P1090643 via photopin (license)

photo credit: P1090643 via photopin (license)

DAISO – Ultimate 100-Yen Shop in Japan

The concept of 100-yen shop is probably not that new for foreigners who visit Japan, as there are various dollar stores in other countries. However, visiting Japan’s DAISO 100-Yen Shop is not be what you would expect – you would be surprisingly amazed by the overall shopping experience browsing through all the 100-yen items you can find at DAISO.

Founded in 1977 in Hiroshima, DAISO now has over 2,700 stores all over Japan, and over 700 stores in 25 different countries world-wide. What distinguish DAISO from all other 100-yen shops is definitely the convenience and the variety of items at each store. From the clothing, accessories, and kids toys to groceries and even alcohols, you can pretty much take care of most of your shopping needs by visiting DAISO.

In addition, DAISO is constantly updating its inventories based on what’s trending and different seasons; in fact, the company is introducing about 700 new products at various retail locations every month to give shoppers a whole new shopping experience every time they visit the store. Because of its quick inventory turnaround, some shoppers might not always be able to find what they’re used to buying at DAISO – If you have a product that you cannot live without, there’s even an option to place a bulk order on its website, perfect for office supply orders for businesses.

DAISO continues to come up with new and innovative ideas and products to surprise shoppers, which is evident by so many appearances on TV shows and magazines every month. The store has become one of the main destination spots for many foreigners visiting Japan, looking for a reasonable but yet high quality 100-yen items.

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