Daiso on Takeshita Dori Street Harajuku

DAISO is a famous store in Japan that almost all they sell costs only 108 yen.

They sell not only stationaries and kitchen wears, but toys, cosmetics, batteries, foods and so many kinds in 108 yen. You may even find Japanese design fans or others which you may bring back to your country for souveniers.

I’m sure you will be surprised that you can buy so many things in 108 yen, as you must have image that shopping in Japan, especially in Tokyo is very expensive.

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6 Responses

  1. oba says:

    I love to shopping at DAISO. Everything is only 108 yen. I found useful items for traveling, like a vacuum storage bag.

  2. theout says:

    I love 100 yen shops! Very reasonable, useful and not bad quality.

  3. Silversky says:

    We have Daiso in LA where they sell everything $1.50(about 150yen), but Daiso in Japan of course has more products! I love shopping there when I visit Japan.

  4. Sciencer says:

    I’m looking forward visiting 100-yen shops in Japan. Previously I heard of 100-yen shops from my friend who have traveled to Japan. He said “That’s amazing. We can buy good-quality items by only one coin (100yen)!”

  5. hami2009 says:

    I go to Daiso whenever I visit Japan! They have wide variety of products such as kitchen goods, toys, gardening tools, snacks and so on. My husband was very confused when I took him there for the first time because there were hardly any price tags at the store. Of course, it’s because almost everything they sell are only 100 (with tax,it is 108 ) yen! I recommend their stick to wash rice. You’ll be able to wash rice without your hands getting wet, and it is very useful!

  6. Masayo says:

    Daiso is relly famous 100 yen shop in Japan, and there are many shops all over Japan. Especially I like watching kitchenware in Daiso, and it is very useful and idea goods.

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