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Dagashi Bars in Tokyo

Dagashi is Japanese cheap sweets and snacks. There are now several ‘Dagashi Bar’ in Tokyo, of all Ebisu Dagashi Bar is the most popular. Ebisu Dagashi Bar has all-you-can-eat buffet style and you can drink as well. They have Dagashi arranged dishes, Showa Period style dishes such as ‘Hamukatus(ham cutlet)’ and ‘Agepan(fried bread with sugar)’ and ordinary Izakaya (Japanese style bar). The bars have retro-looking interior decorating and use popular songs of 1980’s as BGM, so you can remind Japanese old times such as when you were kids or university school student.

The customers say the bar reminds them good old times, saying ‘Eating Dagashi reminds me my kid time’, ‘When I was a kid, I used to go to Dagashi shop with 10 yean coin in my hands and took lots of time what to buy today. ’, ‘When I was a kid I wanted to eat a lot like I do now’.

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