Curry Station Niagara

japanese curry in Tokyo

Eating Japanese Curry In a Train

There is a very interesting curry restaurant for train fans in Tokyo. It is Niagara Station. In this restaurant, the trains bring the curry to your table! The seat you will sit is like train’s seat so you will be feel like you are in the train.
Japanese curry in tokyo

You cannot miss it because the appearance of this restaurant is emphasized.

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3 Responses

  1. Silversky says:

    Looks very interesting… Didn’t mention anything about how good the curry there, but I think kids would be having fun just watching the train bring their food!

  2. Naka says:

    It is very interesting. The train carries the curry that I order. It must be so great for train funs. I would to try to go and eat the curry.

  3. Sciencer says:

    It looks like sushi-go-round, it’s interesting. Tokyo has a lot of entertainment restaurant! Tokyo really keeps me from being bored.

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