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Curry Shop C&C is one of the Japan’s fast food restaurant chains which serves Japanese curry rice. Japanese people love curry rice (called Karei Raisu in Japanese) and it is consumed pretty much across the country regardless of the age or the gender, and even packed curry bags for boil are widely available in supermarkets. It is not something like traditional Indian curry, but completely Japan’s original style eating with sticky Japanese rice which is not such spicy.

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C&C is a fast food chain, but you will be impressed with their level of the taste.Their curry has rich distinctive flavor with original house blend of 28 spices. They are offering those original curry with various toppings such as deep-fried cutlet of some variety, steamed vegetables, boiled egg, fried chicken and even more. Some sliced vegetables pickled in soy sauce, pickled scallions and red pickled gingers are provided on each table as complementary garnish for your curry. They also have some salads and drinks as side menu. You can choose the level of the hotness of your curry from mild, Chukara (medium-spicy) or Karakuchi (extra-spicy). Their price is very reasonable for less than 1,000 yen for a dish.

C&C has 21 restaurants in Tokyo mainly along the Keio Line and the shop at Shinjuku Station yard (Keio Line) is the flagship shop. Only this head shop is taking the stand-up-meal style, and the menu and the price slightly differ from other branches. Each branch has own atmosphere from classic retro style to modern cafe-like style.

If you want to explore Japan’s real food culture, trying a dish at Curry Shop C&C is a good option to feel the local culture.

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