Janese people are good at vending something that makes daily life better. Cupnoodle is one of them and it has been eaten all over the world since 1958.



This is the first cupnoodle, chiken ramen. At the first time, it didn’t have a cup. Cupnoodle museum in Yokohama is a good place to learn about it more. It’s located near Minato mirai line Minato mirai station and looks like a big brick like this.



So many cupnoodles !!  You can see more than 3000 and learn the change of designs of package.


In a restaurant on 4F, you can have a variety of noodles all over the world like Tom yum goong in Thailand, cold noodle in South Koria, mi goreng in Indonesia, pho in Vietnam, etc… Why don’t you try some ??

And…if it snows, you could see this interesting thing….


( Information ) 8 minutes on foot from Minato mirai line Minato mirai station No.4 exit / open 10am-6pm close Thesedays / entrance fee 500 yen

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4 Responses

  1. Yaga says:

    Interesting! Really want to go. Ramen is very good when you are lazy and have no money. A lot of students eat ramen.

  2. Sciencer says:

    Cup noodles series are very famous all over the world. Of course, I love it. I haven’t known the origin is Japan.

  3. Mark says:

    I have visited a noodle museum in Osaka pref. I made my original noodle there and took it to my house. Could I try it here?

  4. Masayo says:

    I visited here with my family. We made Chiken noodle by ourselves. We mixed special flour with seasonings and oils. It was really good experience for us.

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