CoCo Ichibanya (Cocoichi)

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CoCo Ichibanya – Japanese Curry Restaurant

CoCo Ichibanya (Cocoichi) is one of the most popular curry restaurant chain in Japan. Found in 1984, Cocoichi now has so many restaurant locations all over Japan that it would be difficult to go through a block of street without finding the popular yellow sign. Cocoichi also has numerous locations in other countries including China, United States, Thailand etc.

Taking advantage of its numerous locations, Cocoichi is now able to offer customers a delivery service nationwide; there’s even its own App that customers can download to look up nearby locations and place delivery orders.

Of course, one of the reasons why this chain restaurant became so popular was the fact that most Japanese people LOVE curry; from little children to the elderly, curry with rice has been a staple meal in the household for a long time. This certainly helped Cocichi become so popular, but that wouldn’t be the only reason –  Cocoichi’s never-ending effort to come up with new menus that appeal to customers and consistent quality in customer service in every location were certainly keys to its success.

As you browse the menu, you will notice that there are so many ways to customize your curry to fit your liking, from 30 different topping to choose from, a spiciness of your curry and amount of rice. What’s more, Cocoichi also offers numerous “limited-time” curry flavors; you can check out its website for the current offering of the seasonal curry menus.

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