Christmas Lights at Shinjuku Terrace City

One of the popular things in Tokyo in winter is enjoying the delightful Christmas lightings which are everywhere in the city. Especially, the area near major train stations are so beautiful and many people come around to enjoy the fantastic scenery.

Each area has their own theme and the one in Shinjuku is “city of twinkling lights”. Literally, a huge area called “Shinjuku Terrace City” which is one kilometer long from the west exit to the south exit of JR Shinjuku Station covering Odakyu Department Store, Odakyu Southern Tower and MYLORD is decorated with the lights. You may think that you are in the wonderland.

Mosaic Street

Christmas Lights at Shinjuku Terrace City
The Mosaic Street, the narrow street from MYLORD to Odakyu Department Store, you can walk under the ceiling decorated with myriad of twinkling illumination lamps. The lightings in front of Odakyu Southern Tower are funnier than other. You can see many famous characters are sitting with colorful lighting there.

You may know the “penguin” which is on your prepaid card for the train. You can see him in the dressing-up costume cheering you up at holiday night.

If you go there with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you have to go to the end of the South Deck, there is a “testing machine” which checks you and your partner’s chemistry by putting your hands on the touch panel.

Shinjuku Southern Terrace

Christmas Lights at Shinjuku Terrace City-2


South side of Shinjuku is known as a quiet area compared to the other area of Shinjuku although there are many cafes, restaurants and shops. You can grab a coffee at Starbucks or Krispy Kreme

Christmas lighting in Shinjuku usually starts in middle of November and ends in middle of February.

Shinjuku station is one of the biggest train station in Tokyo which has a largest ridership. You can access to Shinjuku by JR line, Keio line, Odakyu line, Metro line and Toei line.

Christmas lights in other area 

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