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If you want to eat delicious unagi(eel) at Ginza, there is one recommended Japanese restaurant called “Chikuyoutei”. “Chikuyoutei” is a long-established restaurant which has more than 100 years of history and has been one of the well known restaurant which serves eel dishes.

You can walk about 5 minutes from Higashi-Ginza station, and you can find this restaurant with an atmosphere of high-class Japanese restaurant. There is another sister store in Ginza near the main street of Ginza, but if you like to have a relaxed meal time, the main store is better.

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The most popular menu is “Unagi-donburi (eel bowl)”. The steamed and broiled eels are seasoned with original sauce using soy sauce cover the bowl of rice, and eel liver soup comes together as a set. The large eels are soft and plump, and the sauce is of light taste and not too sweet, so you will not feel it a heavy meal.

Another recommendation is “Tai Chazuke (sea bream rice porridge)”. Sea bream dressed with original thick sesame sauce, rice in a rice tub and a pot of hot roasted green tea (houji-cha) are delivered, and you can ask for another helping of rice. You scoop the rice into the bowl, put sea bream, toasted laver, Japanese horseradish on top, and pour the roasted green tea. The fresh sea bream matches with the sesame sauce, and the tea will make the taste mild. You can first eat the sea bream with rice without adding tea, although you may feel it a little salty.

There are many other set meals and side dishes, but “Unagi-donburi” and “Tai Chazuke” are the popular menus which you can order both lunch and dinner time.

Eating nice eel dishes and other Japanese food at a quiet, high-class Japanese restaurant is a wonderful experience. Enjoy your meal at “Chikuyoutei” in Ginza!!


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