Chifure speciality shop – “Puchipura” cosmetics for sensitive skin

chifure“Puchipura” is a coined word made by Japanese girls when they mention affordable products. This word is a integration of “petit” and the abbreviation for “price”, which usually used for cosmetics and clothes.

Chifure represents such “Pchipura” cosmetics, most of Chifure’s products are sold under 1000jpy. For example, moisturizing cream, eyelash liner and sunscreen are sold at 700jpy. You already know that the ones from Shiseido can’t be found under 1000jpy.

Chifure was award from the Ministry of Trade and Industry for its effort to stand in the consumer’s point of view and providing affordable cosmetics with detailed labeling of its contents while reducing unnecessary packaging and advertisement.

Chifure has long history, firstly released in 1962.

From the aspect of the luxuriousness, it has been regarded as the cosmetics for old lady, but it started to attract young girls attention because its high-quality.

Most Japanese women like to have beautiful and white skin and they do pay special attention to daily skin care buying a lot of skin care products.

Chifure is followed by such selective Japanese women (especially by the one who has sensitive skin) and some products are sold in most of drugstores.

If you are interested in Chifure and want to see all products, there is a speciality store on 8th floor of Odakyu department store.

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