Celeb de Tomato

Celeb de Tomato

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This restaurant is all about tomatoes. Its concept has never come across your mind – you can thoroughly taste tomato from the aperitif to the dessert.

They offer wide range of tomato liqueur based cocktails, not only red eye and bloody Mary but also tomato flavor shochu (distilled from rice) and tomato juice and sparkling wine.

Just browsing the menu, you will be surprised at tomato can be used in many ways. Upon the recent increasing in health consciousness, Japanese tomato has been developed as big name brand such as Momotaro, Gokutoma and Aiko etc..

Celeb de Tomato offers various brands of tomato juice so that you can compare each of them. Contrast of vivid red of tomato and green leaves are beautifully decollated in salad.

You can enjoy thick taste of tomato in pasta and risotto. Tomato in the main dish does not make an appeal of its strong taste. Main dish consisted of fish, pork and lamb with tomato sauce are scrumptious.

More than twenty different tomato varieties are featured, and various tomato juices are sold by the bottle.

This tomato-centric Italian restaurant offers full-course dinners from 4,000 – 7,000 yen and lunch for 1,090 yen.

Celeb de Tomato is located in Yokohama, Hutakotamagawa and Tokyo Dome City. It is even located in Shanghai and Hong Kong which is popular among local people.

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