caZe uzumaki

caZe uzumaki

Italian restaurant in Sangenjaya Tokyo

About 4 minutes’ walk from Sangenjyaya station (Patio exit), there is a small single house Italian restaurant called “caZe uzumaki” at the dead end of the dim alley. The interior of the restaurant is rather simple, as if they reformed an old Japanese-style house. The tables are arranged with enough space in between, and the opens space is good for having relaxed meal and conversation with others.

The chef who trained cooking at a genuine ristorante will serve you fine Italian dishes in a reasonable price. Almost all menus including pasta and bread is homemade, and you can choose from so many kinds of menu according to the mood of the moment. There are about 30 kinds of appetizers, homemade pasta, and main dish using fish and meat delivered directly from Mie prefecture.

They have more than 10 kinds of small dish appetizers of the day from 180 yen which could be served immediately, and you ask for assortment of these appetizers. The recommended menu also changes every month, so you can look forward to finding new menus each time you visit.

The most popular menu in this restaurant is “Homemade Lasagna” which was also introduced in a magazine. Pasta dough, bolognese and béchamel sauce are all handmade. For pasta menu, the servers will kindly explain the difference of the pasta, and bring them on warm plates.

They also have 8 to 10 kinds of glass wine, bottle wine, sangria and cocktai. I personally recommend Limoncello, which is the Italian lemon liqueur with wonderful lemon aroma.

The restaurant is open at lunch time and dinner time, open until midnight and even open until 2 AM on Friday and Saturday nights.

If you like to eat delicious Italian dishes for lunch and dinner, or just to have a little food and a glass of alcohol late at night, drop by at “caZe uzumaki”.

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