Cat Street

Cat Street Harajuku's shop street

Between Harajuku and Omotesando, there is a small street which is called Cat street. The street has many fashion shops and cafes. You can really enjoy shopping there. Also you can enjoy people in cat street because they are so fashionable and that area in one of the fashionable producing area in Tokyo.

There are various rumors about the origin of the name in Cat street such as “the street is narrow like a cat’s forehead”, “There are many cats in the street”, “Cat street was a root of Black Cats, a band of musicians ” and so on.

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  1. h a l says:

    I often ate kebab there 🙂 good to take rest at some nice peaceful cafés.

  2. Yaga says:

    My american friend told me that he thinks harajuku is the most fashionable place in the world! I don’t know that but I like watching harajuku people’s fashion.

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