Cafe Kaila

About 3-5 minutes walk from Omotesando station, there is one of the famous pancake cafe in Hawaii called “Cafe Kaila”. Cafe Kaila was awarded the gold prize in “Best Breakfast prize” in Hawaii 2 years in a row.

To eat this pancake in Japan, many pancake lovers visit this cafe, and many people form a line even before the store is open.

Although they won the “Best Breakfast prize”, many people visit here for lunch time or snack time, and you can sometimes see the line coming up to the aboveground even this cafe is at the first floor of the basement.

Inside the cafe, you can feel that you came to Hawaii, and the white wall and chairs and the wooden table makes it feel cozy.

They use only natural ingredients and contains no artificial additives. In addition, the take special care on the eggs they use: they only use the eggs from the hen which is carefully fed with famous mineral water and run loose.

They let the pancake batter sit overnight which is the best condition to be baked.

The pancakes are baked without using any oil or butter so that it has nice baked color on it. It is also healthy, and this is why you won’t feel so heavy as you probably imagine.

The main feature of the pancake of Cafe Kaila is that plenty of fruits are on it. The best recommended specialty is the “Kaila Original Pancake” which has all the toppings on it. Strawberries, blueberries, bananas and caramelized apples cover the pancakes, and you can add the whipped cream and maple syrup served in a small container. The colorful fruits make the pancake look like a jewelry box!!

All dishes have three pancakes on the plate, and some menus can be ordered only in the main restaurant in Omotesando. (There is another sister store in Maihama, Chiba prefecture.) They also have seasonal menus, so it will be fun to think what to order each time you visit the cafe.

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