About 2 minutes’ walk from Nakameguro station, there is a small bistro cafe called ‘Cafe CARAT’ at the first floor of the basement.

It is a wine dining restaurant which serves creative cuisine of the fusion of Italian, French and Spanish.

It is open until midnight at the earliest, and open until 4:00 AM of the next day on Fridays and Saturdays, so many people enjoy eating and drinking late in the night without worrying about the last train.

Every dish has enough amounts to share with several people, and you can take your time having your meal sitting on the fluffy, comfortable sofa.

One of the menus you better order is the “Assortment of 3 kinds of recommended appetizers” which actually is an assortment of 6 kinds instead of 3 kinds. You will be surprised at the amount of the food and its reasonable price, and of course its delicious taste.

There are also thick sliced pate de champagne, pot-au-feu of sausages and many vegetables, meat dishes and many other menus which are all home-made like taste and comfort food, that you would like to order continuously. The friendly servers will also let you know the recommendation of the day.

They also have substantial wine list mainly of natural wine which all goes well with the dishes. The wine from all over the world including Europe, Japan and America is preserved in the walk-in wine cellar near the entrance, and you can order them in a reasonable price. There are also several kinds of sangria with lots of fruits in it which changes irregularly.

The restaurant is also open at lunch time, and you can order food and dessert with full of cafe drinks. They will also bring you a cup of cappuccino with latte art!!

If you want to spend a nice time at a cozy, relaxing cafe with nice food and drink, we hope you will enjoy your time at ‘Cafe CARAT’ day and night.

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