Butsuzou collections in TOKYO National Museum

I’m a Buddhiest, but I don’t know about Buddhism that much. Only what I can tell you is  there are so many gods in Budda’s world and every gods are ranked like Nyorai, Bosatsu, Meiou, and Taishakuten in order of high rank.


Monjyu Bosatsu Statue ( 13 centry )

This god is very clever. Her face is like a child and eyes are so sharp.


Senjyu kannon bosatsu satue ( 14 centry )

She has 40 hands except the hands put together in front of her. Each hand has its own meanings.


Aizenmyouou statue(13-14 centry)

He looks so mad but actually he is a love’s god. He holds an arrow and it seems like he is an angel.

If you want to see these statues, you better visit Tokyo national museum, the oldest and largest museum in Japan. There are 87 national treasures and 631 important cultural properties. It’s located Ueno and has 6 museums.

I bet you can learn Japanese history and many important tresures there.

( Information ) 10 minutes on foot from JR Ueno station park exit / open 9:30am-17pm close Mondays / entrance fee:600 yen

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