British Embassy of Tokyo


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The British Embassy in Tokyo is located in Hanzomon (Tokyo Metro Hanzomon line) and is a 10~15 min walk from the subway station. The embassy itself is usually not open to the pubic (only for British nationals) except for annual events such as the spring festival which takes place in May. The spring festival is where foods and drinks from all around the world are sold to the public. Students from the British school in Tokyo and clubs throughout Tokyo are invited to take part in some of the performance events held at the festival.

The embassy itself may not be open to the public frequently, but the scenery and the atmosphere can be enjoyed. It is one of the biggest embassies in Japan with around 35,000 m2 of land. The location of the embassy is also great as it directly faces the imperial palace of Japan, with a moat in between. It is indeed one of settled areas in Tokyo, so it is recommended to visit the area for a nice walk. There are also benches located around the embassy, so having a nice picnic might also be an option.


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Another amazing thing about the area is the fact that you can see 2 different cultures emerging from both sides of your viewpoint. On one side, you see the British Embassy with large western housing commonly seen in Europe, whereas on the other side you see the walls of the imperial palace built with traditional Japanese style. Imagine yourself having a walk on a nice day, whilst experiencing a diversity of cultures. This is definitely something that cannot be seen in regularly, and is a great way to relax your mind, after a busy tour around central Tokyo. No worries if you have troubles finding your way to the destination, there will be many foreign tourists on the way that will help you out!!

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