Brace e Vino Gigino

In the back street of Ginza, about 2 minutes walk from Higashi Ginza station, you will find a lantern of red, white and green. This is the sign of this Italian restaurant, “Brace e Vino Gigino.”

The concept of this restaurant is to serve charcoal grilling and wine of good quality in reasonable price.

There are only 16 seats and most tables are full everyday, so we recommend you to make the reservation beforehand.

All dishes are made of finest ingredients. Especially meat is highly-selected, and they offer dishes using branded beef, pork and chicken.

You probably notice that you will find few menus which you saw the other day, since they changes the menu frequently using the fish and vegetable in season. Each time you visit, you can choose today’s special from the black board.

Every dish goes well with wine. The ingredients are cooked and seasoned simply just by salt or little sauce, and it brings out the flavor of the raw ingredients. You will be surprised how the grilled vegetables are delicious.

You can order a glass of wine and also bottled wine. If you ask the server for a bottle of wine, they will hand out a key and a lamp. What you will do is to go down to the wine cellar in the first basement floor of the same building.

Lighting with the lamp and looking for your favorite wine, it is like treasure hunting. What a fun!!

Of course, you can ask the server to bring you the wine if you are not familiar with wine or you want to stay at your seat.

They also have several ‘natural wine’ which is an organic wine of non-chemical and additive-free. You will have less hangover even you drank too much.

For all epicures and wine lovers, enjoy your wonderful dinner!!

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