Bistrot Cou Cou

Bistrot Cou Cou


Three minutes walk from Akabane station, there is a casual creative French Bistrot ‘Cou Cou’ in the LaLa Garden shopping area. The store manager is a patissiere who trained at the restaurant in Paris, and she provides fine French dishes and handmade bread and cakes. She is gentle-mannered and polite, and would explain you about each dishes.

One of the chef’s recommendation is 5 kinds of quiche, using salmon, spinach, porcini mushroom, etc. The quiche of Cou Cou reproduces the receipt of the French home cooking faithfully. Pie dough, appareil using plenty of fresh cream, fine selected ingredients and cheese are baked together carefully, and you can enjoy its soft and melting-like texture.

Pate de champagne (French country-style pate) and beef cheek stewed in red wine are also popular menus of Cou Cou. Each dish have plenty of food just enough to share with several people. Meat dishes with grilled vegetables, small-plate dishes and many other dishes all are of mild taste and give you comfort. They also have many wine which goes well with the food in reasonable price. Since there are wine which is rarely available, it is better to ask them if you prefer to order bottle wines. Sangria is also popular for its rich fruity taste.

The handmade cakes are also attractive. They always have 6 kinds of daily special desserts such as chiffon cake, tart, fruit sponge cake, cheese cake, chocolate cake and pudding.

There are also course menus so that you could visit here for drinking parties on special occasions, and they also provide lunch menu as well.

On Saturday afternoon, they sometimes hold cooking classes where you can cook the food or desserts with the patissiere together.

If you want to enjoy nice cakes and coffee or fine French dishes with wine in a cozy restaurant, we recommend you to visit Cou Cou.

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