bistro oeuf oeuf

bistro oeuf oeuf

Among the restaurants at Yanagi-koji area after 5 minutes walk from Futako Tamagawa station, there is a French restaurant called “bistro oeuf oeuf”. It is located behind the interior shop “unico”, and it creates the relaxed atmosphere of a French country town.

They provide fine pork dishes and delicious French wine, and you can smell the nice aroma of the meat being grilled from the open kitchen. “Satsuki pork” from Tochigi prefecture is the pork which is selected carefully, and the soft, juicy, rich taste of the meat can be enjoyed as grilled pork, handmade sausage and bacon, pate or rillette. The sausages and pate are part of the chef’s recommendation for appetizers. There are many other typical French cuisine such as “salade Lyonnaise” and escargot. The menus are prepared by using the ingredients of the season, and so you can always enjoy the delicious dishes which changes from time to time.

They also have a fine collection of wine in the big wine cellar. There are over 80 kinds of wine everyday, mainly of natural French wine which is body-friendly. The variety of wine will match with each dishes, and there is also sweet wine good for after eating the main dish.

They have lunch course menus at lunch time which have enough amount to get full, and also served without waiting you so long, which is nice for office workers who visit during the limited lunch hours. They also have wine from lunch time, so you can take your time eating your lunch with wine at the cozy restaurant. For special occasion such as someone’s birthday, they will prepare a cake with a message plate if you ask them beforehand.

For people who want to eat plenty of fine pork dishes and wine, visit “bistro oeuf oeuf” to enjoy your meal.

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