big-b Shoe Store (for men)

big-b Shoe Store (for men)


When you visit Japan for the first time, you may realize something different when you go shopping for shoes. You can’t find the right sized shoes because every shoe in Japan is so small. Well, this might not be the case for most people, but for some people it is a nightmare not being able to find your shoe size!

No worries, there is a place where they sell large size shoes in Gotanda, called big-b. Gotanda is located quite close to Shibuya. It is only 2 stops from Shibuya to Gotanda Station (JR Yamanote Line). The store is open from 10 am till 19:30 pm.

At the shoe store, there are a variety of selections from casual to formal shoes imported from all around the world. A pair of cheap casual shoes will cost at least 5,000 yen and 10,000 yen or more for a nicer pair of shoes (Pretty reasonable price in Japan). You might also be thinking that they won’t know your shoe size unless you tell them in cm; they understand the differences between Japanese, UK, US and European sizes so everything will be alright! The size range they sell at the store is from 27cm to a maximum of 36 cm. For those that can’t go directly to the store can always purchase a pair of shoes from the big-b website. The shipping cost will be free for purchases that are more than 5,000 yen.

In Gotanda, there are also many restaurants and Izakaya’s you may want to check out after shopping. Izakaya’s are casual places to have drinks with a selection of foods. Prices are set at a reasonable level so it may be good to idea to check out a couple of Izakaya’s in the evening! Just a reminder that Gotanda is not just a place for big shoes!

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