Beer Garden at Hilton Tokyo

beer garden at hillton shinjuku tokyo


Hilton Hotel is one of the finest hotel chain in the world. Visiting its beer garden is a good opportunity to enjoy exclusive night overlooking the 180 degree night view of the high-rise buildings of Shinjuku. As well as other typical beer gardens, it has all you can drink for 3,500 yen, 2 hour limit. All you can eat is not available.

There are negative things about beer garden – you never go there alone. If you go there alone, you definitely feel lonely. And you never receive good service as beer garden is always packed with people. You have to patiently wait out the beer pecking oily French fry.

Hilton beer garden prepare the seats for one person so that you don’t need to sit down next to the noisy group. You can enjoy open air atmosphere keeping a distance from the noise. Hilton beer garden also prepare the seats for your dogs.

Though you can’t expect the wide range of the food as well as typical beer garden, you can enjoy 5 star hotel dishes and customer service. Hilton beer garden provide an exciting chance for ladies guest by renting a Yukata. Beer garden opens on June 18th and will close on September 19th.

Open hours

5:30 pm – 10:00 pm (Close on rainy day)

Shuttle bus from Shinjuku station is available.

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