Beer Garden in Gaienmae

bear garden in gaienmae

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Beer garden is one of the feature of summer in Tokyo. Beer garden opens during summer only in order to cool ourselves down as soon as possible at steamy night. Usually beer garden opens on the roof of Department Store, Hotel so that people can enjoy the cool breeze and panorama night view.

Beer garden in Gaienmae is called “forest beer garden”. Unlike normal beer garden in central Tokyo, this beer garden is surrounded by a thick trees so that you can enjoy outdoor BBQ while you are in Tokyo.

As such beer garden is rare in Tokyo, people repeatedly come over every year. Making a reservation in advance is recommended.

Popular course is all-you-can-eat & all-you-can-drink for 2 hours priced at 4,100 yen for men 3,800 yen for women. There are beer servers that you can operate yourself; you don’t have to stop waiters bustling his way.

As this beer garden is owned by Kirin Brewery Co.,Ltd which is one of the major beer company in Japan, you can drink frozen beer as well as regular Kirin beer. If you are not beer drinker, there are various cocktails highball etc.. Though the most popular BBQ is lamb meat, there are various side dishes like Edamame,  French Fry all of them go well for beer.

If you are lucky you can see fireworks in Jingumae baseball stadium if there is a baseball match.

Forest beer garden is open from May. 19 to Sep. 26 in 2015.
Beer garden is located 5 mintes of Shinanomachi station.

Gaienmae is also famous for the beautiful autumn leaves so come back in November to see changing of the seasons.

Other things that Japanese do to cool ourselves down are Uchimizu (sprinkling water) and Furin (wind-bell), maybe you can try to survive steamy summer in Tokyo.

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