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In Shinjuku which is one of the biggest city in Tokyo, there is a Spanish bar of a nice atmosphere called ‘bar Refrain’. You can go there in about 2 minutes on foot from Shinjuku station. After you go down the spiral staircase, you can reach the bar with little orangish light as if you came to some secret base.

The concept of this bar is ‘casual Spanish bar of mature atmosphere’, and many people visit here after work eating, drinking and taking in the dim light. It is also open at lunch time as a cafe, and you can have normal lunch or desserts (you can also drink alcohol if you like).

They serve many kinds of tapas and a variety of alcohol drink including sherry and wine, original mohito and cocktails using fresh fruits in season.

One thing we suggest you to order is ‘Grilled Lamb Chop’. The lamb chop of highest quality is delivered from New Zealand without being frozen, and you can enjoy its fresh, juicy meat without being bothered by the lamb’s typical smell. ‘Salted Fritter of Shrimps’ can be eaten without removing the shell of the shrimp, and the crispy texture is good for nibbles for drinks.

If you order uncured ham, they will bring you a dishful of ham enough to drink several glasses of wine. In addition, you can ask for free refills on bread, so you can eat with the uncured ham or order ajillo and other tapas to eat with. For the main dish, we suggest you to order homemade seafood paella using lobster broth. You can enjoy drinking alcohol with a little side dishes, or you can also visit having dinner enjoy nice Spanish dishes.

You can visit ‘bar Refrain’ if you want to eat and drink at somewhere stylish in Shinjuku, but since it is always crowded at dinner time, it may be better to make a reservation beforehand.

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