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Bar Black Sheep – Siba-Inu Owner Bar in Sibuya

Who wouldn’t want to visit a bar, owned by a cute Shiba-inu who would welcome you and give you some company for the night while enjoying a glass of tasty cocktail?

Located in Sibuya, Tokyo, Bar Black Sheep has become a very popular spot among dog-lovers. As soon as you enter the bar, Hana-chan, the Shiba-inu owner, would welcome you and make you feel like home in no time. For the entire visit, you would be amazed by her customer service skills, always making sure each customer is comfortable and enjoying the night. With the word of month, now people are visiting this bar from all over Japan, from Okinawa to Hokkaido.  Per master, most of the customers are dog-lovers, some of whom are working long hours and thus unable to have dogs as their own pets; for those, this bar provides a perfect opportunity to enjoy the interaction with a dog.

This bar is open Monday through Saturday from 7 pm until around 1 am, closed on Sundays. There is no menu, but the master can quickly put together some tasty drinks using fresh fruits and citrus. In addition, the price for the cocktails are set very reasonably, which is hard to find in Shibuya area.

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