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Japan is famous for its traditional food, but also for its ramen noodles. There are hundreds of places in Tokyo where you can have a bowl of ramen for around 600~800 yen but you want to be sure to go the right restaurant when you have limited time travelling in Tokyo. Azabu ramen is located near Azabujyuban Station (Toei Oedo line or Tokyo Metro Nanboku line), which is one stop away from Roppongi station (Toei Oedo Line). The shop is located 15 min away from the station by walk. The shop is knownd to locals in the area, but unfortunately it is not well known to foreign tourists that come to Japan, so it is highly recommended to stop by to have some lunch.

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The best selling ramen at Azabu ramen is the tonkotsu (pork bone broth) soys
auce ramen which has a nice and addictive flavor. The ramen is 700 yen, and additional toppings for the ramen can also be ordered, ranging from 60~300 yen. Toppings are offered such as eggs, butter, corn and a variety of vegetables. For those that want more a bigger bowl of ramen, a larger size can be ordered for around 100 yen. There is also a time service hour from 11am ~17 pm where rice or salad will be provided for free, for those that order ramen. All for 700 yen is a pretty reasonable deal!

For those that want something lighter other than a bowl of ramen, chahan (fried rice) might be the choice. Chahan is made of pork with some vegetables and eggs, which is a good source of protein and carbs to charge you up for the rest of the day. Chahan is sold for 750 yen which is a reasonable price for the amount they provide. Be sure to check this place out!!

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