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In Esola Ikebukuro, which is a commercial building connected directly with the Ikebukuro station of the Yurakucho subway line, there is ‘Aunt Stella’s cookie buffet cafe’ at the first basement floor.

Aunt Stella’s cookie is known as one of the famous cookie brand, and you can eat the fine quality cookies as much as you like for 1 hour with one free drink. They will hand you a small basket and you can put as much cookies as you want into the basket from choosing them from the cookie case. There are about 15 kinds of cookies out of nearly 100 kinds which are selected as the shop’s recommendation. The cookies are continuously being baked and displayed in the cookie case, and the whole store is full of the smell of the delicious cookies.

The crispy texture of Aunt Stella’s cookies are made from the specialty combination of the flour, and each cookie dough is made manually. Each cookie is shaped quickly but carefully, enclosing the aroma of the butter, and baked in the convection oven in a beautiful golden color.

Besides the all-you-can-eat cookies, there is a set menu which you can just choose two favorite cookies and one drink to enjoy little amount of cookies for your break time.

You can also buy cookies which is sold by measure or cookie boxes for gifts. They sell not only standard original cookies but also seasonal menus, so you can enjoy different kinds of cookies each time you visit the cafe.

The store is open until 9:30 PM and the cookie buffet is accepted until 8:00 PM.

Since it is always crowded on the weekends, it is better for you to visit after school or work is over on weekdays. And of course, you can wait outside the cafe enjoying the nice aroma smelling from the cafe!!

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