Ashi-Yu/ Foot Bath in Shinjyuku

foot bath

Ashiyu Footbath that can be translated footbath or foot spa in English, can be your best activity to end your day after exploring the city of Tokyo for the day.

Needless to say, Japan is well known as hot spring country, and many tourists from oversea visit Japan to experience natural hot bath at hot springs, as this island is benefit from its geographic location on the Pacific Ring Of Fire. You can name many of the hot spring spots, but generally they are outskirts of big cities.

Unlike hot spring bathing, you can keep your clothes on when you take Ashi-Yu footbath.

Ashiyu footbath provides you such a comfortable and relaxing experiences.  It is scientifically proved that soaking the feet in warm water, the blood circulation shifts downward. You can benefit from this hydrotherapy instantly.

Because of the relaxation effects and its popularity, Ashi-yu Café (footbath café) has recently opened up in the downtown Tokyo area. You can order drink and enjoy the views from the window, while you give positive self-care.

For details: RIRAKU, Shinjyuku Yasukuni Dori store (Open 11:00am – 5:00am)

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2 Responses

  1. oba says:

    Ashiyu Footbath is easy to experience Japanese hot spring, good for beginner of Japanese bath. Just soak your bare feet to be realxed.

  2. Yaga says:

    There are many foot bath in hot spring places. Many of them are free. It is good experience to see the onsen culture in Japan.

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