Asakusabashi Port

Asakusabashi Port

Asakusabashi has a lot of ports where many Japanese houseboats anchor. it’s very interesting places many tourist visit! This place is near Asakusa, Ryogoku where you can watch Sumo wresting. Therefore you can feel Japanese history there. If you visit Asakusa, why don’t you visit not only spending famous place in Asakusa but also going to Asakusabashi to see such beautiful houseboats floating on the big river??

Asakusabashi Port2

Wow! there are so old houseboats there! and this river is Kanda river. It is famous river in Japan. These boats are running on the river with many tourists everyday. They can have set dish in the boat luxuriously.

You can see such beautiful boats and must be interested in them!! Almost all of Japanese people have never seen such beautiful traditional boats , I think! Because such as types of boats are understood as old fashioned boats by Japanese people. So, we  can hardly see the boats anywhere.It’s very lonely not to see them..

Asakusabashi Port


Japanese Shrines in Asakusabashi

And then, after seeing them, why don’t you visit some shrines around there? Actually, there are some small shrines to visit in Tokyo. There are Komainu is a lucky charm dog which guard from evil devil.



This area included Asakusa have many interesting , famous and traditional places.So, you can walk there easily. And you can take beautiful scenery there. I hope you will undergo to see them and have a lot of memories of Tokyo.

Have a good time to visit Asakusabashi sightseeing!!! Thank you very much for visiting this site I wrote. I’m happy you visited my site!

How to get to Asakusabashi port

At first, you need to take a subway named Toei Asakusa line or JR Sobu Line. Next, please get off at Asakusabashi station.Then, walk to Kanda river. When you get to the river, you can see the place.

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  1. moem says:

    These kind of boats called YAKATABUNE.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your suggestions. We are staying in Asakusabashi and will do this today.

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