Asakusa Nadokoro Shichi Fukujin

Asakusa Nadokoro Shichi Fukujin

Shichi Fukujin (Seven Lucky Gods)

Asakusa Nadokoro Shichi Fukujin―Pilgrimage for Luck

Shichi Fukujin(aka the Seven Lucky Gods) are the gods that bring good fortune in Japanese mythology. Even now, you can see them in many places in Japan. For instance, one of the seven gods called “Ebisu” is depicted in a can of “Ebisu Beer” which is popular enough to get almost anywhere.

“Asakusa Nadokoro Shichi Fukujin” is a set of shrines that enshrines Shichi Fukujin in Asakura. Asakusa Nadokoro Shichi Fukujin has nine shrines because Fukurokuju and Juroujin are enshrined in two places. Asakusa Nadokoro Shichi Fukujin includes Imado Shrine, which is famous for the power of making a knot stronger.

People go on a pilgrimage there to get the luck that Shichi Fukujin will bring. It’ll take about 3 or 4 hours to finish the pilgrimage because most of the shrines are in Asakusa. There’s not a right route, so you can start wherever you want.

Asakusa Nadokoro Shichi Fukujin includes;

Tour of Asakusa Nadokoro Shichi Fukujin

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