Asakusa Hoppy Dori

photo credit: 浅草 via photopin (license)

photo credit: 浅草 via photopin (license)

Asakusa Hoppy Dori (Street) stretches on the west side of well-known Senso-ji Temple next to an off-track betting zone. It has only 80 meters long, but is lined on both sides with a lot of old fashioned small bars, and this alley is always full of people both tourists and regular customers (including race funs).



The street name ‘Hoppy’ means a beer-flavored beverage which contains only 0.8% of alcohol itself and it is the most popular drink in Hoppy Dori. When you order this hoppy drink, it will be served with another alcohol often with Shochu (Japanese distilled beverage). So just mix them, and you will discover its own taste and smell resembling beer but a little lighter (and it is cheaper even more!).

Hoppy Street is also named ‘Nikomi Dori (Stew Street)’ for their popular stews. Especially ‘Gyu-suji Nikomi’ is the most popular stew which is stewed beef tendon seasoned with salty-sweet taste. There are also a lot other attractive Nikomi using different kind of meat and other seasonings. Since each bar has original taste of Nikomi, comparing the tastes of each bar will be something fun for you.

At the Hoppy Dori, the bars are neither stylish nor novel at all, but their old fashioned atmosphere will make you feel to be like a local and it will be a memorable experience.

Hoppy Dori is located 3 minutes-walk from Asakusa Station (Tsukuba Express line) or 8 minutes-walk from another Asakusa Station (Tobu Skytree Line).

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