Asakusa Hanayashiki, Oldest Amusement Park in Japan

Asakusa Hanayashiki, Oldest Amusement Park in Japan
I’m pretty sure that you recognize Asakusa city from the famous tourist spot, the Asakusa Shrine! For tourists visiting Japan, checking out Asakusa Shrine is a must, since so much of the Japanese traditional culture can be experienced in the shrine. However, there is one other place you should check out called Hanayashiki. Hanayashiki is the oldest amusement park in Japan. The amusement park first opened in 1853 during the Meiji restoration period. It is the oldest and also one of the most compact amusement parks in Japan. A free ride pass can be purchased for 2300 yen for adults, 2000 yen for kids. As you may know, Asakusa is also famous for the tallest tower in Japan, also known as Tokyo Sky Tree. If you plan to go up the tower, it is recommended to visit Hanayashiki afterwards since your Tokyo Sky Tree entrance ticket can also be used as a free entrance ticket for the amusement park.

When you visit Hanayashiki, you will be surprised by how small the amusement park is! The theme park itself is small, but is enjoyable as there is a Japanese flavor to it! For example wouldn’t you like to learn how to throw Ninja suriken’s? Well, guess what, you can take Ninja lesson’s at Hanayashiki! You might also want to check out the Ninja shop to buy souvenirs for your family and friends!

You can also check out the haunted house! Of course, the haunted house is all in Japanese style so it is scary as hell, but it is something you should try out at least once in a lifetime! No worries, you will love it!

Have you also every wished to book a theme park all for yourselves for at least one day? Surprisingly, this is possible at Hanayashiki! (Details are on the website)

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