At the second floor of Roppongi Hills Hillside after one minute walk from Roppongi station, there is a stylish Japanese restaurant named ‘Arata.’ The interior is partly Japanese style, but has some taste of modern dining bar.

The concept of this restaurant is the fusion of Robata (a Japanese style of barbecue) and Kushi (skewered dishes).

They serve many fascinating appetizers or traditional obanzai (Kyoto-style home cooking) using fine selected fish and vegetables which is only 300 to 500 yen. They also have original Kawari-roll sushi wraps.

As for Kushi, they have Yakitori of portions of the selected chicken including Kinki amberjack (yellowtail) and Kawari-gushi combining vegetables which usually could not be seen as Kushi dishes in other restaurants.

These appetizers and Kushi goes well with alcohol, especially Japanse sake. They also have bottled wine from just 2500 yen, and you will be amazed that the Japanse food served in Arata is exquisitely combined with Western taste that it also goes well with wine.

Luxury ingredients such as Kuroawabi abalone bought directly from the fish market and the freshly picked vegetables brought in every morning from contracted farms are cooked by the skilled chefs, and you could enjoy the full flavor and taste of each dishes.

One menu I recommend to eat is ‘Miso Marined Cad’, one of the Robata dishes. The harmony of the grilled fatty cad and miso or soybean paste is magnificent. They also have seasonal menus, both food and drink, so you may expect what new menus you can see next time. You may also like the fine, fancy desserts too.

If you like Japanse food but want to try something new, visit Arata and have a wonderful experience by the original Japanse-Western mixed food. People who is not so familiar may also like its taste: your image toward Japanse food will completely change!!

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