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Vibrant market for fresh vegetable and fruits pops up every weekend at United Nations University (UNU) Forecourt in Aoyama. Products sold at this market are not only vegetable and fruits, but also dry food, tea, natural seasonings, and manufactured food.

Upon the recent increasing in health consciousness, consumers are interested in the places of origin of ingredients and farm producer of the ingredients.

In this thriving farmer’s market, you can buy a food directly from the person who produce it at a reasonable price. Farmers’ market offers a opportunity to get safe and secure ingredients to consumers and farm producers can develop new distribution route.

Dedicated farmers who are mostly come from the east side of Japan bring their specialties to their booth and speak to the consumers. Display shelves are crammed with colorful and seasonal fresh ingredients. You already know how delicious these fresh ingredients are.

By interacting with the producers, you can learn the highly recommended cooking method of the ingredients. Your dinner will taste differently from what you eat everyday. There are also stands selling coffee, snacks with small table and chair where you can have a seat listening to live music.

There are also interesting events such as wine festivals, sake festivals, beer festivals and symposium about environmental problem which you can check it on the internet.

Markets are open from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. As the market is small place, you can have a quick look at it after shopping at Omotesando and find fresh ingredients for dinner.

The farmer’s market makes both consumers and producers happy as consumers can find safe ingredients and say thank you to the producers, and the producers can see his products make consumers happy.

From farmer’s market, you can go to Aoyama book store, Omotesando shopping street, Harajuku.

United Nations University is 2 minutes from Omotesando Station (Tokyo Metoro).

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