AnimeJapan 2014

animejapanAn Japanese anime festival, AnimeJapan 2014, will be held from March 22(Sat) to 23(Sun) at Odaiba’s Big Sight convention center. It is a festival that aims for the expansion and advancement of the Japanese animation industry and other related industries. This festival is merged by two fairs. One is Tokyo International Anime Fair and another is Anime Contents Expo. both fairs were one of the largest anime trade fairs in the world which had been held annually in Japan. They were great fairs but they won’t be held ever, instead of them AnimeJapan begins this year.
The followings are pictures of previous Tokyo International Anime Fair and previous Anime Contents Expo.


How To Get There


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  1. Naka says:

    Anime culture is Japan is huge. You can see everywhere. In Japan not anly kids but also adults read or watch anime. And now there are many anime lovers in all over world.

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