Ameyoko Shopping Street

Ameya Yokocho Market in Ueno Tokyo

Probably, Ameyoko Shopping Street is one of the most famous discount shopping streets in Japan. The street is almost always busy. Especially, in the end of a year, it is packed with people who shop for Osechi-ryori for a new year.

Ameyoko Shopping Street runs along the JR Yamanote Line tracks between Ueno and Okachimachi Stations with more than 400 stores of, for example, fresh fish, spices, clothes, cosmetics, electrical products, imported goods, and candies. These variety of products they sell is one of the reasons why people are attracted to the street. What is also unique about Ameyoko Shopping Street is that you will encounter a temple called “Marishiten Tokudaiji Temple” in the middle of the Ameyoko area.  By the way, the temple survived the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923 and the Bombing of Tokyo in World War II, 1945.

Ameyoko Shopping Street still holds very distinctive atmosphere from the other shopping street probably due to its uniqueness as such and its origin as a black market. The street originally started as a black market right after World War II where there were more than 200 candy (“ame” in Japanese) stores. The name “Ameyoko” is a short form of “Ame-ya Yoko-cho” meaning an “alley of candy stores.” In the street, many American products were sold as well.

If you get off a train at:

  • Okachimachi Station of Yamanote Line (or Keihin-Tohoku Line);
  • Ueno-okachimachi Station of Oedo Line; or
  • Ueno-hirokoji Station of Ginza Line,

Ameyoko Street is just there.

Or, the street is a walk distance from Ueno Station of JR Lines, Ginza Line, and Hibiya Line as well as Keisei Ueno Station of Keisei Line that goes to the Narita Airport.

If you feel like a unique shopping in Japan, why don’t you try Ameyoko?

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  1. Yaga says:

    In ameyoko the people are friendly and you can buy things cheap. There were many people including foreigners.

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