Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant in Ginza

shibuya Japanese -style bar (4)

Do you like the Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland? It is popular around the world. You can enjoy the world of Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland in the Ginza, Tokyo. You can enjoy your meal in the teacup room in the main hole. The art graphics of Alice leads you to the alternative world and you can enjoy the view of the world of Alice fully.
shibuya Japanese -style bar (5)
The residents of Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland also show up on a plate. This is one plate I can show you but if you go there, you can see more attractive plates

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3 Responses

  1. Kiyo NY says:

    From the photo, the restaurant and food looks so cute! I’d love to sit inside of the tea cup section 🙂

  2. Sciencer says:

    I like a fantasy imitated shop like this restaurant. I also like the Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland, so I’d like to visit here!

  3. Masayo says:

    It is entertaiment restaurant, and if you like Alice’s world, you will be enjoy this place. I heard that foods are very good and full of idea.

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