Akita Dining Namahage Ginzaten

What is Namahage?

Namahage is a famous cultural event in the Touhoku District. Several men wears a mask of oni (Japanese demon) and have a big knife in their hand, and then say some kind of congratulation in each house. Since their appearance is so creepy, many kids start to cry as they see them. So, this culture is in the Touhoku which is so far from Tokyo.
Is it impossible for people in Tokyo to experience this culture, Namahage?
Well, this is possible.

Namahage Ginzaten

“Namahage Ginza” will give you a chance of experience Namahage. “Namahage Ginza” is an izakaya(Japanese bar restaurant), and as the name shows, Namahage guys walk around the bar. Twice a day(7:15 pm and 10:00 pm) and every day, Namahage guys will help you enjoy the dishes and drink.

Dishes and drink also make this izakaya special. All dishes and drink are related to Touhoku culture, and these are all nice. Above all, my recommendation is Kiritampo, It’s a stick of mashed meat and vegetable, and it’s also a famous culture in the Touhoku district just like Namahage. Taste of Kiritampo? Just try, it’s not so bad.
In Namahage Ginza, you can enjoy the culture of the Touhoku district including Namahage. I promise that this gonna be a memorable moment for you.

Basic info

Opening hours 5:00 pm – 11:30 pm
5:00 pm – 4:00 am
Address Nakajima Shoji Building.9F, 8-5-6, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Stations Ginza Station(5 minutes walk)
Shimbashi Station(3 minutes walk)
Website http://www.akita-namahage.jp/ginza/
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