Akasaka sakas in Akasaka

Akasaka sakas is an entertainment & complexed facility including the following buildings and places.


* TBS broadcasting center – A broadcasting & redio station is beloved as ” a big hat ” because it has a rooftop like a hat. You can observe there freely.


* Akasaka BLITZ – a large club with live music that has enough space for about 1400 people.

* Akasaka ACT theater – a theater that is capable of helding a various kinds of events like a concert, a musical etc…


* Sacas squre – a multipurpose place for helding a various kinds of events regularly.


* TBS store – you can get some items printed a pretty image character of TBS, BooBo.


* Akasaka Biz tower – There are many  Shopping & Dinning shops on 1F basement – 2F. You can enjoy a wide variety of international food like Chinese food, Italian food, Spanish food, Singapore food, etc…

( Information ) it’s directly connected through Tokyo metoro chiyoda line Akasaka station 3b exit / entrance fee: free  Official website ( Japanese )http://sacas.net/


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