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akabane OK yokocho

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Akabane OK Yokocho ― a heaven for workers

As you may know, Japanese workers work a lot. They wake up early in the morning, and they work till late at night. It’s not rare for people in some kind of industry to work till midnight and even sleep in the office because there’s no train to ride.

What is the pleasure for them? They hold “nomikai”, a small drink party with colleagues to ease the stress. They drink at a small izakaya(Japanese bar restaurant) and complain about stuffs, and then go back to home and sleep well.

OK Yokocho seems to be a heaven for that kind of Japanese workers. OK Yokocho is a street that has about 20 izakaya which is suitable for holding nomikai. If you’re willing to hold nomikai with your buddies, then OK Yokocho will be the best choice to make. It has various izakaya as mentioned, and you will enjoy which one(or even more) will you choose.

Some people say that people in Tokyo are not so friendly, especially office workers. Are they really unsociable?The answer is no. They’re just so freaking busy with a bunch of tasks. They usually don’t have enough time to talk with other people.

Workers in OK Yokocho are free from their tasks, so the situation is different. They’re much more friendly than they usually is, so you can easily socialize with them. You can see the Japanese nomikai culture there.
OK Yokocho is really a heaven for Japanese workers.

Basic info

Address: 1-18-8, Akabane, Kita-ku, Tokyo
Access: 3 minutes walk from Akabane Station

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