Ajisaki at Ikebukuro Seibu

Ajisaki at Ikebukuro Seibu
Depa-chka is a ground floor of a department store that is full of foods and sweets that stimulate your appetite. When you go into depa-chika, you would feel like you wonder into an amusement park of foods! You can find depa-chika in most of the department stores in Japan. But, Ajisaki, where you can get taiyaki, Japanese traditional pancake like sweet filled with bean paste, is a must-visit place. Taiyaki means ‘Sea Bream bake’ literally; therefore, its shape looks like fish. In Ajisaki, you can find different types of tastes from the ordinary bean-paste one. For example, there are bean-paste and cream cheese, maccha cream, and maccha siratama. Maccha is a type of green tea which is used in Japanese tea ceremony party. Siratama is rice flour dumplings. The best menu for Ajisaki is this maccha sitarama. You can enjoy all the Japanese traditional taste in this single sweet! This is a popular place so you might want to avoid going there during rush hour because this place is on the way to many train platforms.

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3 Responses

  1. theout says:

    Taiyaki is one of my favourite tea time treats. Must go!

  2. Yaga says:

    I like taiyaki! It fish shape sweets is also my friend’s favorite. I have never seen before these colorful taiyaki.

  3. Sciencer says:

    My friend says the Japanese are divided into two types of people, one is those who eat taiyaki from its head, the others from its tail. It’s interesting.

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