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At the 8th floor of Dogwood Plaza, Futakotamagawa Rise shopping center in front of the Futakotamagawa station, there is an Okonomiyaki restaurant called “Ajimodan”. The restaurant has a high ceiling, and the wooden walls and tables create the relaxed atmosphere.

Okonomiyaki is a savory pancake with seafood, meat and other ingredients with thick sauce and mayonnaise on it. At this restaurant, they serve original okonomiyaki besides normal okonomiyaki, grilled dishes and local cuisine in Nagoya area. Okonomiyaki and other grilled dishes are already cooked, and they will bring you the freshly cooked food on the hot iron plate in front of you. Some people feel it difficult to cook okonomiyaki by themselves, but the staffs will all cook it for you so you can have your meal without any worries. If you sit at the counter seats, you can see the staffs cook in front of you.

The okonomiyaki of “Ajimodan” contains plenty of grated yam which make the fluffy, soft texture. There is also “Modanyaki” style with yakisoba noodle laid beneath the okonomiyaki with the original tartar sauce topping.

Until you wait for the okonomiyaki, you can order “Miso Kushikatsu (pork cutlets on skewers with thick miso sauce)” and “Tebasaki no Karaage (deep-fried chicken wings)” which are popular menus in Nagoya.

One of the specialty of this restaurant is “Teppan French Toast” which is a rolled french toast with red bean jam in it with vanilla ice-cream. If you can eat a little more, try the unique dessert arranged in Japanese style!!

Since you can reach the restaurant by walking the roofed passage from the station for only 1 minute, you do not need to care about the weather. If you want to eat okonomiyaki made by the professionals, drop by at “Ajimodan” during your shopping at the shopping center or after work!!

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