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Near Edogawabashi station, there is a small Japanese restaurant called “Aien-Kien”. The interior is like a tavern with both table seats and counter seats, but it is not too noisy and you can take your time eating in the relaxed atmosphere. You can enjoy the dishes with several people at the table seats, while you can enjoy watching the dishes cooked by the chefs at the open kitchen and talk with them from the counter seats. The friendly staffs are always waiting for you with a nice smile.

They use organic vegetables made by natural farming, and you can enjoy the original rich taste of each vegetables. There are also nice Japanese sake, shochu and Japanese wine which are carefully chosen to match with the Japanese dishes. In addition, since the whole restaurant is non-smoking seats, you can simply enjoy the flavor and smell of the food and drink without being bothered by the cigarette smoke.

They have 3 kinds of menus at lunch time, and 1 dinner set menu and many kinds of small plates and main dishes at dinner time. The dinner set menu consists of ginger pork steak as a main dish, rice, miso soup, salad, sashimi, small side dish and pickled vegetables. The high-selected vegetables, meat and fish are cooked into each dish of comfort taste.

You can also select your favorite main and side dishes instead of choosing the fixed dinner set menu. Thus, you can enjoy the food mainly, or enjoy little food with alcohol.

On special occasions such as someone’s birthday, they will prepare a dessert plate with messages if you tell the staffs in advance. The staffs will liven up your memorial day!!

If you want to have a relaxing meal time with nice Japanese dishes and the conversations with wonderful staffs, we suggest you to visit “Aien-Kien”.

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