ADMT – Advertising Museum Tokyo

ad-museum tokyo

This museum has more than 200,000 materials about advertisement from the middle of 17th century to modern times. You can see the transition of advertisement in Japan, from the time of UKIYOE and it’s interesting even for Japanese people.

They are degitalized and you can see many of the materials they have. Even though they don’t have much explanation in English, you can understand with visual contact.

It’s very close to Shimbashi station, and you may enter that museum for free.

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3 Responses

  1. theout says:

    This museum must be very entertaining! I guess there are many eye-catching ads there. No entry fee sounds great.

  2. Yaga says:

    It is very interesting. I really would like to see the old ones. There is no other chance to see this much collection at once.

  3. moem says:

    Oh its really cool.I’m interested in it.

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