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What’s Tokyoing?

Tokyoing is Tokyo’s travel site that everyone can post their experience in Tokyo and everyone can know real and hot information about enjoying Tokyo. Our mission is to let everyone in the world know Tokyo, enable travelers to enjoy Tokyo and make Tokyo the  best city in the world.

Share Great Experience In Tokyo

Tokyo is very exciting and dynamic city. Sharing your experience in Tokyo, many people can know real Tokyo. We hope Tokyoing makes those who have never been to Tokyo feel like going there and offers great information from travelers and residents in Tokyo. The Olympic in 2020 will be held in Tokyo so it will become attractive more and more. Let’s enjoy Tokyo!

Writers Wanted

Tokyoing is looking for authors to write articles about Japan, Tokyo, Japanese things and so on. Please email us at info@tokyoing.net or send a message from contact form if you have an interest in it.