3COINS – Variety of cute and sophisticated household goods are sold at 300 yen

© http://decohideco.exblog.jp/22244972/

© http://decohideco.exblog.jp/22244972/

3COINS are the store for women who want be stylish even they are cleaning lavatory, cooking dinner, washing dishes and doing the laundry.

They are also specialized in home decor, you can buy a pillows with various choice of the pattern of pillowcase, classy cozy slippers, small boxes to store accessories.

Compared to 100 yen shop, household goods which 3COINS produces are more trendy.

They have country taste and of course have better quality.

(I’m not saying that 100 yen goods have bad quality, they sufficiently meet Japan quality)

For example, this fabric tissue box embeds strong wire on the corner so it doesn’t break if you step on it.


Usually 3COINS products come out with series of product line.

This tissue box has matching storage box with various size, it is not just useful to tidy your room but also they make your room look unified.


Almost every staff is 324jpy (tax included) but a few larger items such as futon canopy are1080jpy.

3COINS is a chain store and conveniently located in the major shopping area such as Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Yurakucho, Kitasenju, Kichijoji and more.

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