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After 3 minutes’ walk from Sangenjaya station, along the Chazawa Street, there is a small Italian restaurant called ‘3’ (pronounced as ‘San’, not ‘three’).  When you go up the narrow stairs, you can find the comfortable, relaxing space with cute miscellaneous goods displayed near the entrance.

As for lunch course, you can select the pasta from two kinds of the day, and appetizer and drink is also included. It is nice to have delicious pasta lunch only for 1000 yen at the cozy restaurant!! Many people visit to have a little luxury lunch to give themselves a reward or to have a special lunch time.

At dinner time, you can enjoy wine with delicious appetizers and other dishes. They have 15 kinds of highly-selected glass wine, so you can order different kind of wine depending on the food you order. The list of wine is written on the blackboard on the wall besides the wine list on the table.

We recommend you to order Parmesan uncured ham, which goes well with Lambrusco, which is the red sparkling wine of fruity taste. You can also order assortment of 4 kinds of ham including this uncured ham. They also have 16 kinds of selected cheese, and you enjoy cheese and wine until the main dish comes. Of course, there are other drinks instead of wine.

The dishes using Landes thick white asparagus and seafood delivered directly from Tsukiji Market, and a variety of pasta will make your dinner time enjoyable. If you order pasta with a group of several people, the server will bring you plates of pasta which are already served for the number of people.

You can also reserve the whole restaurant from 10 people to have a dinner party with fine Italian dishes and wine.

If you want to have a nice Italian lunch or dinner with delicious wine, we suggest you to visit ‘3’.

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